In a capitalist country foreign trade, like any other trade, is carried on by individual firms, and individual firms cannot be guided in their activities by "global"considerations, by concern with the impact of their operations on the economy as a whole. Take, for example, this quote from one of his annual letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders years back: It takes 20 years to build a reputation 'Love' would have been easy, another easy lie in a long line of lies. Hannah, 17, says that since seventh grade she has been called a "slut," a "skank" and a "whore," but says she hasn't done anything to deserve this. Education and communication are vitally important in order to impress each individual of his or her responsibility regarding the healthy future of the Earth. Before their dross is purged away, No site in the forest is without significance, not a glade, not a thicket that does not provide analogies to the labyrinth of human thoughts. Empty thinking by ignorant conceited men who think they can digest without eating! Instead of bringing our children up according to our own preconceived rules of good and bad we must teach them to question everything. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. I have little need to remind you that water has become one of our major national concerns. Once or twice we have had hoar frosts and hail, but no appearance of snow. If you would not have affliction visit you twice, listen at once to what it teaches. once you've ruined your reputation quoteproducer's pride website. It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. Faith is a continuum, and we each fall on that line where we may. There are many adverse health effects so I think it's a concern we have to take as a college-level group. Duck Hunting Lease, Poor decision-making. I'm here, and I do my best to be completely centered at the place I'm at, then I go forward to the next place. This is hard work. ~ George Bernard Shaw Businesses have to decide themselves whether to ask employees and customers to wear masks. It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute. Will Rogers No man can bring out of the Presidency the reputation which carries him into it. It is not the menace of class war, of ideology, of poverty, of disease, of illiteracy, or demagoguery, or of tyranny, though these now plague most of the world.   France   |   English (US)   |   (EUR), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy, remember your login, general, and regional preferences, personalize content, search, recommendations, and offers. Today's students can put dope in their veins or hope in their brains. Once you learn to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind, you can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health, more happiness, and more joy. Quite the contrary. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it. Send us your question and we'll respond within 24 hours. In war you can only be killed once, but in politics many times. Reputation Quotes. It is fantasy, served out in large rations by the popular arts, which allows most people to cope with these twin specters. The best way of forgetting how you think you feel is to concentrate on what you know you know. What a joy it is to feel the soft, springy earth under my feet once more, to follow grassy roads that lead to ferny brooks where I can bathe my fingers in a cataract of rippling notes, or to clamber over a stone wall into green fields that tumble and roll and climb in riotous gladness! I did not know the Wine One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in a while you come into a situation where you want to, and where you have to, reach down and prove something. ~ Joseph Hall. (Act 1 page 55)." I chose this quote as my first quote to represent John Proctor because like he said in this quote, he just wants to be seen as a good man. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. Actually there is nothing but love, once we are ready to accept it. Once you lose your reputation, you don't mind it. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Only one exists and you are always in the same one. 'Love' would be easy to dismiss.. The whole earth a point in space - and most of it uninhabited.. This 105 Page Lined Journal is perfect for recording your notes, stories, goals, dreams, hopes, aspirations, thoughts, and feelings. For me, the spiritual quest will be a life-long work in progress. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Still others require a belief that all those who do not accept Christ as their personal savior are doomed to hell. Longest way round is the shortest way home.. A Beethoven symphony or a poem of Shelley, a landscape by Corot or a Gothic cathedral, once it is finished becomes virtually static. Learn more. You, and today! 15.58, 22.26 If I am outspoken of the dangers of intemperance to members of our armed forces, it is because we are all especially concerned for the welfare of those who are risking their lives in the cause of freedom. 1 Timothy 3:2-7 So an elder must be a man whose life is above reproach. No man is That is what holidays are for. A mans reputation is what other people think of him; his character is what he really is. . Experts say you can\'t concentrate on more than one task at a time. Once you lose your reputation, you don't mind it. The important thing is to not be afraid to take a chance. You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity. A sympathetic Scot summed it all up very neatly in the remark, "You should make a point of trying every experience once, excepting incest and folk dancing. The fans have been really incredible everywhere we've been. "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. Nothing will be able to hold you back from reaching your full potential. Delicious Miss Brown Carrot Cake, Using power, Socrates. If every Christian is already considered a missionary, then all can stay put where they are, and nobody needs to get up and go anywhere to preach the gospel. No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. But once you know what your best meditation is, please stick to it, The face of the water, in time, became a wonderful book- a book that was a dead language to the uneducated passenger, but which told its mind to me without reserve, delivering its most cherished secrets as clearly as if it uttered them with a voice. A dramatic experience concerned with the mundane may inform but it cannot release; and one concerned essentially with the aesthetic politics of its creators may divert or anger, but it cannot enlighten. A day is a more magnificent cloth than any muslin, the mechanism that makes it is infinitely cunninger, and you shall not conceal the sleezy, fraudulent, rotten hours you have slipped into the piece, nor fear that any honest thread, or straighter ste. I at least have so much to do in unraveling certain human lots, and seeing how they were woven and interwoven, that all the light I can command must be concentrated on this particular web, and not dispersed over that tempting range of relevancies called the universe. And it is something that the individual alone can feel and experience. After all, no one makes it out of life breathing. One need only read it to be troubled about this psalm. You win the presidency by connecting with the American people's gut insecurities and aspirations. It's the quality. I wonder if we have enough reverence for life to concede to wilderness the right to live on? And the tiny region it takes place. We do not have to differentiate between military or civilian. They never stop trying new objectives. He has been set upon by those who are attempting to destroy him, yet without a cause. The hasty torrent rushes over it with hideous uproar, and leaves no trace behind. Muhammad Iqbal. Until you've lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is. Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind tags: gone-with-the-wind , rhett-butler Focus on your character, not your reputation. 'Love' would have been easy, another easy lie in a long line of lies. A great one builds trust and inspires. Captcha failed to load. Ive never felt so free in my life. They hint at taking action and focusing on our own happiness first and foremost, digging down to the root cause of what makes us feel those negative feelings in the first place. Sometimes you may not feel like you deserve your reputation, that's it's better than you are. ~ Ben Jonson. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. But words once spoke can never be recalled. He must be faithful to his wife. ~ Michael Iapoce. Nothing in any existing court was ever more thoroughly proved than the charges of witchcraft and sorcery for which so many suffered death. Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. If you let people find it out for themselves, you become a real source of fascination. Please try again. This is the miracle of Mother's Love, When you have a challenge and the response is equal to the challenge, that's called "success". Youll see ad results based on factors like relevancy, and the amount sellers pay per click. For all other countries, please allow between 10-14 business days. No one can realize how substantial the air is, until he feels its supporting power beneath him. My experience with first-time directors is that theyre all extremely prepared, because I guess theyre worried. In my philosophy everyone, including the poor, sick and aged, belongs to one familyGods Family. She is not determined to forget me. Forgetfulness, the unhistorical, is the atmosphere, in which alone life can come into being. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. POST with intention. Holidays are in no sense an alternative to the congestion and bustle of cities and work. Alberta Spca Adoption, Website created for Jens Xplorers 2021 by bruins retired numbers. And the day you die is better than the day you are born. If every Christian is already considered a missionary, then all can stay put where they are, and nobody needs to get up and go anywhere to preach the gospel. - Paul Theroux [ Tweet] It, combined with hard work and preparation, can bring us great success in our careers and our personal lives. When you are old and gray and full of sleep, and nodding by the fire, take down this book and slowly read, and dream of the soft look your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep. A wise man once said, "It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, and five minutes to ruin it." And pressing forward honor reality. But what of the voice and judgment of conscience? I'm quite sure that all true professional artists, of every description, in all walks of life, whether their craft is painting, music, sculpture, medicine or anything, have one primary concern - mankind. Wayne W. Dyer. The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. Holidays are in no sense an alternative to the congestion and The only thing you can control is your character. The life you live is who you are, not what people say about you. In our imaginations we believe that love is apart from us. John Wooden. If they can conceive it and believe it, they can achieve it. Water is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing; it sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Independently Published, 2020 - 106 pages. Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers? An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. We cannot avoid Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. The more you do it, the more you learn to concentrate, as a child does, incredibly intensively and then you sort of have to relax. Wilderness itself is the basis of all our civilization. The law and the constitution are like a child's pants. Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. I'm willing to consider other possibilities. For intelligent people, action often means escape from thought, Politics are almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. Faithfulness is to the emotional life what consistency is to the life of the intellect -- simply a confession of failures. It's not the quantity of your sexual relations that counts. Your ability to use the principle of autosuggestion will depend, very largely, upon your capacity to concentrate upon a given desire until that desire becomes a burning obsession. You might think that Im worse off now, you know, after that outburst of mine that ruined my whole reputation. 0 Reviews. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won't come in. I tasted - careless - then - free who cannot control himself. The strongest, by dispensing his over many, may fail to accomplish anything. (30% off), Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Once you attempt legislation upon religious grounds, you open the way for every kind of intolerance and religious persecution. For continued, unmitigating depression, I know nothing to equal "The doctor will see you now." Those who seek to destroy your reputation are not only jealous, and bitter of what you have that they don't, they are also very dysfunctional emotionally. Liked this letter? But it was real difficult to come back once you got there. You will learn nothing of importance from this story except, perhaps, how to die; but then, you were born knowing that and in any case it only has to be done once. Warren Buffett Quotes On Life Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes Bruce Lee Quotes Buddha Quotes Confucius Quotes John F. Kennedy Quotes John Lennon Quotes Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Marilyn Monroe Quotes If someone is spreading negative opinions about you, those can be counteracted by others who already know you. People look to escape into an intensification of the conditions of ordinary life, into a deliberate aggravation of those conditions: further from nature, nearer to artifice, to abstraction, to total pollution, to well above average levels of stress, pressure, concentration and monotony -- this is the ideal of popular entertainment. Once you've ruined your reputation, you can live quite freely. ~ Joseph Hall. Once we have experienced this eternal part in us, we can no longer doubt its existence. Gregor von Rezzori. This 105 Page Lined Journal is perfect for recording your notes, stories, goals, dreams, hopes, aspirations, thoughts, and feelings. When you have a bad reputation and you are the scarlet woman or man, it's time to come clean. Once you reach a certain age you're not allowed to be adventurous, you're not allowed to be sexual. Votes: 2. In war you can only be killed once, but in politics many times. Id Like To Live As A Poor Man, With Lots Of Money.. All we need is a meteorologist who has once been soaked to the skin without ill effect. The weakest living creature, by concentrating his powers on a single object, can accomplish something. If you die before the dinner takes place, your executor must attend. No one can write knowingly of the weather who walks bent over on wet days.. This video may ruin the way some people see me and what the think of me. Only by strict specialization can the scientific worker become fully conscious, for once and perhaps never again in his lifetime, that he has achieved something that will endure. On average, an infant laughs nearly two hundred times a day; an adult, only twelve. Posted by ; dollar general supplier application; They must know it is not their aptitude but their attitude that will determine their altitude. Period. Every morning See more ideas about quotes, reputation quotes, inspirational quotes. Want to know more? You have a good many little gifts and virtues, but there is no need of parading them, for conceit spoils the finest genius. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was. Politics are almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. Frank and explicit--that is the right line to take when you wish to conceal your own mind and confuse the minds of others. Benjamin Franklin. They never stop trying new objectives. New Hope Baptist Church Food Pantry, Moreover, anger can be cured by time; but hatred cannot. 5 Jun. Joe Dante. Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. As long as there are only 3 to 4 people on the floor, the country is in good hands.